Monday, May 14, 2012

Last Saturday Night

Just this recently, overnight party at our house with Kaye, Raine and Wows! Super fun lang kaso later that night, nako, everything must be kept a secret na hahaha! It's always tawanan lang whenever Im with these people, lalo na kung kasama buong COF :) I wasnt able to take pictures pero may pictures sila, so I'll be grabbing them soon haha.

Anyways, sorry for this crappy entry. Check our GIFs to make up! :)

The Kaye and Daniela dance craze

The "secret"

Hi girls!
Daniela xoxo

BF date

I don't have any idea what I should blog about first, I cant organize my thoughts so Im just going to blog anything that I remember in random order (huh?)

Say hi to my bestfriend, Karen Bernadette Dayupay.

We had a date last Apr 28 and May 10. Kwentuhan and kain kain lang :-) And I discovered another obsession 'cause of her- Wattpad (some of you may find it jeje and all pero we dont care!) It may not be known to many, pero my bestfriend and I loves everything "corny" hahaha like, Koreanovelas, hopeless romantic movies and stories, fan girling and the list goes on. We're kind of weird? Haha




Hi there! Yeap, I'm back hahaha. I don't know when was the last time I posted something and I know that this blog is as boring as the most boring thing in the world  BUT please forgive me for trying to give life on this thing yet again. I have been planning long ago to do this but because of school, I wasn't able to do so. Uhhm, enough of this very long intro. What Im trying to say is that, once again, YES THIS BLOG OS SO BACK HA-HA-HA

Please disregard hehe,