Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kiss and Makeup

December 21st. 4days 'til Christmas.

They say that Christmas is somehow about forgiveness, forgiving or whatever. But I think it's a lame excuse so people could just forgive each other. But never mind that I said that cause its a little contrasting to what I'm trying to point out hehehe.

 Just recently, I had a little something something with my college buds and to be honest, I really got pissed, big time. But who am I kidding? As the saying goes, nobody's perfect. And true that, nobody really is. We should learn (or maybe I should learn) how to view things sociologically 'cause as my socio prof keeps on saying: things are not what they seem. We don't know how things ended up that way, how decisions were made that way. We do not know what's the reason behind things we encounter. Do you get what I'm saying? Ahh, screw that. Whether you get this or not, what I'm trying to say is that whatever hardships our relationships may encounter (may it be a romantic or friendly relationship) it can somehow help the relationship be a better one. Well, at least that's what I believe in.

PS, I didn't do this for the sake of Christmas season hahaha

sorry for repeating this photo, I just love this! wala si Just :(

So to my bitches, all is well okay? :) Love you
xoxo Daniela