Thursday, April 25, 2013

My April Faves

For this post, I'm going to share with you guys my April faves! It's just anything and everything that I find cool and fresh for the month. Plus, Im seeing so many people do this... hahaha. Joining the bandwagon you know. So here's a few, and I hope you enjoy reading! 

Cookie's Birthday

My brothers and I surprised (I love giving AND getting surprises) my sister on her birthday, and I hate her for knowing about it way before the "surprise". Kami pala ang masusurprise hahaha

I <3 HK shirt pasalubong

I love getting pasalubongs from people I love most, not because I'm getting free stuff, but because they were thinking about you on their trip! No one can beat that feeling (unless may sobra lang pala sa take home pasalubong nila. Ouch)

Touch of Beige

I'm super duper in love with this color right now!! I think it's super girly, cute and elegant all at the same time. Plus, its pastel/semi-nude shade is perfect for the summer season!
Sassy nail polish (got it only for 20php!!!!!!)


Recently discovered this acapella singing group, Pentatonix, over the internet. Though I know that they're already popular cos of the million hits that their videos have, I'm always this lame that I only "discover" cool stuff (product, show, music, etc) when they're already super popular or is about to get out of the limelight. But anyways, just in any case that we're on the same boat, I'm going to post one of their videos on my next post ;)

Meteor Garden

Surprise, surprise!!!! Now you now, how lame of a person I am, for not having the F4 fever, more than  10 YEARS AGO. Well, of course I know who F4 are + Sancai, and that super cathcy song, Oh baby baby baby... but honestly, (my bestfriend is witness to this) I have never watched a single episode of Meteor Garden! But just last thursday, I came across this tweet saying OH.MY.GOD. plus a youtube link... and yeap, it's the Meteor Garden S01E01, I tried watching just for the sake of watching, and in that instant, I fell in love with F4!

I can go on and on about my F4 fever but I'm thinking of putting it on another post HAHAHAHAHAHA

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

This is my latest/lastest book read. And I just have to say that this novel is amazing! If you're into light and kilig love stories, this is a must-read! I don't wanna spoil the story, so better go ahead and do yourself a favor- read!!!

Glamworks Permanent Hair Dye Color

I've been wanting to dye my hair but Im scared that it might turn out jeje-ish or something and I dont want a drastic change. I went to SM last week and was checking out kikay stuff and I came across this hair dye. I was wondering why ist flat, I mean it's not in a box, unlike the usual hair dye. I found out that it's a shampoo-like dye so it's easier to apply. Ive only heard of shampoo-dye from Etude. I didnt know we locally have this type, so I think it's worth the try and its so cheap! (50php) The smell is soooo nice. It has this fruity smell and you wont think that youre applying a dye at all. After rinsing and blow-drying my hair kinda turned light, thiught you can barely see the difference, but it's fine cos my hair is soooo black that it's really impossible for it to take effect unless I bleach my hair first. But maybe with a few more applications, may magiiba din! ;;)

What are your summer faves? Tell me!!
xoxo, Daniela

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another Video Post- me and my brothaaaa

As you may notice on my previous post, I'm in love with TSwift's 22 and I just can't get over it, so I just had to take this video (no live singing this time) hahaha. But there's nothing in this one just me and my brother making pacute...

PS, watch in HD (HAHAHHAHAHA) I just figured out why whenever I watch my vid, it's all pixelated stuff... you have to change the quality pala. Sorry, im stupid with this kind of stuff

Keep dancing like you're 22!!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Summer LSS

I'm loving TSwift's 22 right now, and it's been on loop for a day already! Not really a hardcore Swiftie, but I really love how fun, girly and transparent she is with her songs. Plus she really is relatable since she write songs based on experiences! (and those catchy melodies)

So yeah, I just wanted to share my summer lss with you guys and do watch the video 'cause it's soooo FUN that I'm super jealous with those guys in that video! Enjoy!!

Happy Vacation! xx

Monday, April 8, 2013

Miley Cyrus twerking (you go white gurrrl)

There's way too much dance frenzy going on! And I kinda came across this one and I swear, Miley Cyrus definitely has it! Shaking that booty as if she ain't white (okay that kinda sound racist, but i dont mean it like that)

I dont care if she has the Biebs look or whatever TMZ says haha I love her!!