Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Candy Fair 2015

If you have watched 13 Going On 30 (which I assume you already did) you'll remember how Jenna Rink woke up one day- in her 30's, working for Poise, her favorite fashion magazine from when she was a teenager. 

Well, I literally feel like I am Jenna Rink in all things possible (except that I remember the past 17 yrs of my life, lol). Candy magazine has played such a big part of my teenage years. I remember getting jealous and bitter of those girls who get to be part of the Candy Council of Cool, because it's like the coolest council ever, duh? But it's always never too late! 

Attended my first ever Candy Fair this year to cover the event for Cosmo, and can I just say, the crowd was wiiiiild. Intense ang girls, I swear. Hindi sila pabebe lololol. But anyhow, I enjoyed going over the booths and interviewing the celebrities present! I can do this forever <3 

Candy Girls + Candy Cuties

Hi, Gil. You are my favorite ~cutie~ ^^

This year's theme was Artist Palette. DIY booths and workshops are all over the place for everyone to enjoy.

Cuteness overload #washiluv

Best in decoration ang booth na to! A for effort and creativity

Tickets were sold out, and there were still a lot of girls outside hoping to get some tickets. Jam-packed!

#OOTD 101

Never The Strangers performing on stage. Mega tili ang mga bagets

Put yo hands (phones) up!

Everyone went wild when Jack Reid went on stage! In case you didnt know (which I doubt) Jack is the younger brother of the super hot, super gwapo, James Reid. The charm runs in the blood I guess.

Cosmo Hunk, LA Aguinaldo together with Mari Jasmine hosted the event. Don't you agree with me when I say they make a cute couple?

Lucky girls

Probably my second favorite performance. Candy Armada! Just because.. LA and Alex! They were sooo cute dancing to Backstreet Boys, having so much fun!


FINAAAALLY... James Reid, you guys! The crowd went SUPER CRAZY when James came out to perform. But did any of you notice his "eye candy"? Lol

Yup, James' eyes are colorfully lined... Siya lang may kayang mag pull-off niyan okay?

What would I do without you two? <3

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