Friday, August 7, 2015

Amor Bakery and Café

I found a bread paradise! I am a big bread fanatic, and Amor is heaven sent- no kidding! I fell in love the moment I walked in, that's why I am making this well deserved appreciation post. I can't even believe I took so much photos of a bakery!

 Tried the Blueberry Mash Donut and became an instant favorite! Crunchy bread? Yes, please!

Tried the French Custard Bun too. I was having second thoughts on getting this one as I hate fillings that are too sweet, almost over empowering the bread- but no, this bun did not disappoint! Huhu can I just eat bread forever?

My kind of pink

Plus points for their interior. Definitely my style. Black, grays and nudes. Less is always more.

I took a picture of every corner. This stairs remind me so much of Coffee Prince!

Every table had these cute little lamps. Mood setter! Lol

Told you I took a photo of every corner.

Instead of putting up a painting to fill the empty wall, this DIY decor looks so much better. It adds dimension to the room. Took a photo for future home reference!

Unique pieces put together but doesn't look a like a mess at all! How do you do this??

Lol at this bikini cake that looks like smiley twins sharing one body

Cookie Monster!!! This one's too cute for consumption!

I'd definitely go back and try all of Amor's bread. I mean, yeah, maybe they're just as nice as Bread Talk and French Baker and all the other bread shops out there, but didn't you see how good the interior and ambiance was?? Haha definitely an experience!


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    1. Near lang! España. Ang ganda and ang sarap ng tinapay huhuhu punta tayo!!

  2. How much yung bikini cake? ��