Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I did today

UST is celebrating the week-long end of our Quadricentennial Celebration (I think hahaha) so today, everybody was asked to wear their costumes like a filipiniana or a padre Damaso outfit or whatever basta it looks like you're from the spanish era or something like that... I thought nobody's going to take it seriously (or ako lang nagakala nun?) so anyway, when I arrived at school earlier this morning, I was shocked cause most of the people were wearing their costumes! Horse carriages were even roaming around the campus. I saw students with prayle, indio, rizal and other cute costumes! I was soooooo jealous as in swear the feeling was so amazing... seeing everybody in their costumes... even the guards! It was sooooo cute! I kept telling my friends that I really wanted to wear a costume, and they feel the same. We're losers hahaha. I hope I had a camera with me :(  PS my lola saw the event on TV and she was so inggit as well hahaha makalumang tao it is

Since professors didn't attend class because of the event, I went to Solomon Guest House with Jikko to give support to our friend, Nepy who's having his practicum. It was so fun seeing him work as a waiter hahaha! I ordered Buffalo wings and Marilyn for my drink, while Jikko ordered a burger (I forgot what its called) and fries overload that we shared... Our friend Aby went there as well, she ordered Cajun Chicken. Hmmm I wont make any comments with the food HAHAHA

Hmmm afterwards I went home na kasi I still have something to do pa so yeah that's it I think...

Since I have no pictures with me, here's my LSS song of the week :P I was looking for the video but, I cant find any :( If you havent watched the latest glee episode yet, you better watch NOW! Its sooooo kilig :"> promise! :)

Yay Glee, Yay Finchel hahaha

How was your day?
xoxo, Daniela

Monday, January 23, 2012


I know my title is weird hahaha but, that's really what I could think of! Last Saturday, January 21, we (nstp people) went to Zaragosa, Nueva Ecija for a day of  fun and activities. The goal was to have fun with kids from Don Civilo Elementary School and teach them values and moral. The whole day, everybody was worried about how they smell cause of the humid weather and sweaty kids... hahaha! But that didn't stop us from playing with them. Catch the dragon's tail, ice ice water, habulan and the usual pambatang laro we used to play as kids :)

photos courtesy of Avegail Untalan

Anyway, Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! :)
xoxo, Daniela

Friday, January 13, 2012

Don't Even Dare Read This

My blog has been sleeping for the longest time. And I think I already broke my promise (that is to keep this shizz alive!) I'm really stressed with school and I'd rather sleep than type any of my whining here. But since I have my spare time (yes gumaganon!) why not make an entry...

Four more nights, and hello Prelims a.k.a. "fuckthisshit week" (hell week is so worn-out, as in!) And the only thing that I'm worried about is my Bio and History subjects. I don't wanna elaborate on it any more. Basta boring sila pareho!

Muay Thai. Im looking for a muay thai gym around Manila or Laguna. I really want to work out naaa! I actually found one in Makati but Im still checking on others so I won't regret anything in the end :) And, btw Jenggoy is my Muay Thai buddy hehehe

Swept the whole 2nd floor of AB bldg, and even collected trash! (for theo purposes)

Went shopping last Monday, and my money went zero. Ouch.

Got my nails done today. Yay! #frenchtipsucks

Survived my History research paper

What the heck, my notes are getting shorter and shorter hahaha. This is a sign that I really must stop NOW.

This is my most sabog and non-sense blog entry ever :(
xoxo, Daniela

Monday, January 2, 2012


Tomorrow's the start of class after the vacation, and I didn't know until now. I was so shocked 'cause I really thought that it'd be on the 4th. I am so unprepared. So I decided to skip tomorrow's class. I know it's kind of a bummer and that I should start my year right. But yeah, who cares hahaha. I'll try to get into the "school mode" again. 

Anyway, New Year celebration was pretty awesome. But I didn't get to blog about it. Maybe next week. But lemme give you a run down 

  • slept around 8, woke up around 10:30
  • fireworks ang other pyro stuff
  • polka dots
  • jump, jump, jump
  • scream-o
  • Katy Perry
  • food- lots of them!
  • coins
  • pictures
  • (insert my singing voice)
  • shopping  
that kinda gives you an idea on how I celebrated New Year. I promise to post pictures soon. But today let's just sing to Katy's firework so this won't be much of a bore okay? :) 

PS Feng Shui experts say that people born on the year of the Rooster would be the luckiest people this year! *hoping its true* hehe but it's only one-third of our luck so yeah.

Let's all be lucky this year! Hello 2012!
xoxo Daniela