Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mt. Batulao Hike

If I received and invitation to go hiking five years ago, no would be an immediate answer. I have never imagined myself doing any sporty activity let alone climb a mountain! But fortunately, people change (and yes, thanks to pop culture. That Thing Called Tadhana, anyone?) and I was able to reach my first summit last February.

We didn't want to get a guide at first because we thought climbing was easy peesy (lol us) and getting one is unnecessary. But Jeff (who is just 12 years old!) was insisting that we need one and gave us a discounted rate of 350 instead of 500. We gave him more after the climb though because he honestly deserves more!

We were nowhere near the jump-off point. Picture muna! Lol

The hike was unbelievably long. Prior to this, we searched online and most of them said that the hike is good for 2-3 hours. I believe it took us 5 hours!

Random hikers while resting. Don't forget to say your greetings when passing by other hikers. I think it's a tradition/ritual or you know, just poeple being polite lol

The fun part! A long cue of hikers awaits you before reaching the summit because of the rappelling. It's really steep, and only one hiker at a time can do it. Kind of scary at first but when patience gets in the way, I guess nothing matters. Most of the hikers who are pro got really impatient and preferred to legit mountain climb (you know, like climbing using your hands and get really dirty.. lol I don't know what I'm saying, but you get my point). We let Raine go rappelling first but after some time we decided to climb just like the others. It was so fulfilling! We kinda rock, lol. 

Finally, the summit!

Honestly, we all kind of said "ito na yun?" upon reaching the top. The view was nice but it didn't look/feel the same as it looks like on movies hahaha sorry for expecting too much! Also, it was kind of crowded since hikers are trying to maybe feel the moment? Or maybe just rest lol.

Eating ice cream after such a long hike is nothing but nice. Nostalgia hit me after eating kuya's ice cream. Remember those popsicles sold by the beach with pinipig, cheese, and buko flavors?

I have no intentions of copying the bitchy girl emoji

There are two options in climbing Mt. Batulao. Either you go up via the old route and then go down via the new route (which is what we did) or vice versa. I recommend going the same way as we did!

So happy that I did this climb! Now every time my family and I pass by Mt. Batulao I keep bragging and I never get tired of it. It was such a refreshing experience, seeing beautiful views, meeting new people and having more memories to keep with my friends.. aside from having instagrammable photos, of course.

National Museum

I have been wanting to visit the National Museum since last year after learning about their free admissions, for the National Heritage Month. I mean, who doesn't love free anything? Lol. My sister and I were supposed to visit but I was busy with school, so she selfishly decided to go by herself. 

Flash forward to 2015, I don't know why, but the sudden urge to visit was there again. And I finally did!

This eye-catching masterpiece greets you at the front door. Insta-photoshoot! Lol

Spolarium by Juan Luna. Side story: After going around the whole museum, my friend and I went back to the main gallery (aka this room) to rest and came across this group with a tour guide explaining stuff about the Spolarium (which is unfortunately inaudible) but he turned off the lights above it and the painting looked so different! I actually don't know what words to use to describe it but, gosh it felt like the art was talking to me lol.

An unfinished portrait by Fernando Amorsolo

I really loved how they color coordinate the rooms! Maybe to help non-artsy people who just went for photos, remember if they've been there already? Just a theory...

Of course I had to pretend I am trying to decode any symbolism in this grass painting...

They had big windows all over. It was sooo nice especially with the sun light peeping in. A reminder that I have to have big windows in my future home.

It felt like we were in a mini amazing race because we were trying to get ahead of everyone else so we have time to have the room all to ourselves hahaha

This room is so neat! Look at how properly aligned these frames are. Ironically, this shot isn't. Remind me and Clare to bring a photographer friend next time!

My favorite part of the museum! I love how elegant it looks. Less is always more #teamwhite

Should've brought a gown to match this posh room

I think it took us 3 hours to finish the entire place but surprisingly it felt bitin. I guess the museum gods heard us and led us to another museum which is just across! I forgot what it's called and accidentally deleted the few photos I took there (my battery died!). I guess I just have to visit again?