Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday

Every 25th of December, it's always a double celebration for us cause we also celebrate my baby brother's birthday! (random fact: before my brother's birth I always thought that it's impossible for a normal human being to have the same birthday as Jesus) Anyway, 12mn- we had the usual Noche Buena, gift giving, hugs and kisses, a few chat, money giving (yay!) then during the day we played pinoy henyo hahaha (note: me and my partner always won!) also, we were supposed to hear mass but we all woke up so late so we werent able to :( then in the afternoon, we sang happy birthday, ate cake, fruit salad and the usual birthday food. Summary: most the part, we were eating (bad for my diet hahaha)


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Merry Christmas!
xoxo Daniela

Freaky Thursday

December 22nd

My sibs, my cousins and I went to our lola's place for Christmas. It's been always like that. Most of our relatives live abroad so it would be quite lonely if we celebrate christmas just by ourselves. The plan originally was to go someplace like the mall to watch a movie or have a little fun at EK or StarCity (the usual hehehe) but we realized that it'd be no fun coz as we all know it, people are everywhere (define crowd fenzy) and the traffic is definitely hell so we decided to just stay home, pig out, and chat chat chat. And btw, I was kinda busy in the kitchen cause as most of you doesn't know, I actually like cooking :) The highlight of my cooking career is my Baked Mac! (but that's another entry) so as for now, get disgusted with our faces hahaha

don't worry he's getting his braces soon hahaha

my pacute face even on fish eye

she'd definitely be mad when she sees this 
our Jersey Shore pose

Freaked out?
xoxo Daniela

Show No Mercy

Can't they be any more of a kill joy?

While most of us are getting happy and all because of christmas vacation, Im stuck at home getting crazy because of my stupid book review that is to be passed as soon as classes start. Haven't they got any soul? I think we suffered enough just being there, sitting in class while listening to their out of this world opinions. 

Oh well, I don't think any of my classmates are even taking this book review seriously so why should I? Hehehe so enough of my crazy and senseless rants and I'll start blogging about my Christmas experience! 

PS, please excuse my fugly face and pangbahay outfit hahaha
me and my book that is to be reviewed

I'm baaack!
xoxo Daniela

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kiss and Makeup

December 21st. 4days 'til Christmas.

They say that Christmas is somehow about forgiveness, forgiving or whatever. But I think it's a lame excuse so people could just forgive each other. But never mind that I said that cause its a little contrasting to what I'm trying to point out hehehe.

 Just recently, I had a little something something with my college buds and to be honest, I really got pissed, big time. But who am I kidding? As the saying goes, nobody's perfect. And true that, nobody really is. We should learn (or maybe I should learn) how to view things sociologically 'cause as my socio prof keeps on saying: things are not what they seem. We don't know how things ended up that way, how decisions were made that way. We do not know what's the reason behind things we encounter. Do you get what I'm saying? Ahh, screw that. Whether you get this or not, what I'm trying to say is that whatever hardships our relationships may encounter (may it be a romantic or friendly relationship) it can somehow help the relationship be a better one. Well, at least that's what I believe in.

PS, I didn't do this for the sake of Christmas season hahaha

sorry for repeating this photo, I just love this! wala si Just :(

So to my bitches, all is well okay? :) Love you
xoxo Daniela 

From Movie to Whatta

After last saturday's affair, my life went back to being it's boring self again. Aside from sleeping, waking up, eating, breathing and the usual boring things I do, vacation was well, boring. So to at least entertain myself, I started watching movies (I would normally fall asleep)

here are the movies that I've watched so far:

  • You Again
  • Never Let Me Go
  • Love and Other Drugs 
  • Life As We Know It
Not too many but I already think of myself as a movie junkie cos I dont really enjoy movies unless they make me cry (and see, I survived watching all of these- without sleeping in between!)

Well of course I'm still trying to make the most out of my christmas vacay so here's another list of random stuff:

  • buy a new bedsheet!!!
  • i want my BDJ planner :(
  • get rid of my old stuff 
  • operation room renovation (galing ko mag rhyme no?)
  • start planning for my creative portfolio #sociosucks
  • start writing for my book review #sociostillsucks
  • get my hair dyed again cause dark brown is such a fail (it looks black on me)
  • SAVE MONEY (for emphasis) hehehe
I guess what I wrote is my To-Do list before classes start to ruin my life again and I'm betting on it, I wont be able to accomplish a thing! (I hope not)

here's an ugly picture of me taken earlier this morning, say hi... or immediately leave this page

Saying Hi,

Night Out

So last saturday, my highschool  friends (COF) and I decided to have a christmas party/get together just so we could see each other again after a long time 'cause everybody's been busy and we're geographically unavailable (Manila-Laguna) the plan was to celebrate at Nepy's rooftop (got cancelled and celebrated at SM instead), bring food to share and you know, the usual kwentuhan and tawanan. But unfortunately, the traffic was hell! Kaye, Raine and Jun met at SM around 3pm, I traveled from Las Pinas to Laguna and arrived at SM around 530-6pm, waited for Nepy, Pajiks and Hanna for like a lifetime! And since we were hopeless if they still can even make it, we decided to at least do something as we wait and went to Bigg's Diner for dinner and ordered pasta and chicken, strolled a bit and tadaaaa, they made it. Chilled at Gerry's Grill after some photos were taken and yeah, the usual COF fun :)

PS, this photo is stolen from Raine's facebook post and, for more photos check out Kaye's blog entry about our night out!! hehe (I actually brought my own cam but it was acting stupid)

Oh, and Nepy thanks for the "gift" hahahahaha

^another stolen photo from Kaye

Merry Christmas COF
xoxo Daniela

Friday, December 16, 2011

This Friday Night

Today, December 16, 2011 is I think, the official start of christmas vacay for most of us. Parties are just around the corner and people are all out celebrating.

I guess everybody knows about UST's annual Paskuhan celebration. And as a Thomasian, it's very nice to know that your school holds one of the most anticipated party of the year (I guess?) Differents bands are playing, christmas lights are superb, everybody is in their festive and happy vibes.

Ever since my first year in college, I never actually enjoyed Paskuhan as it is. I mean, I never stayed all night at UST and waited for the fireworks... you know? the usual. Well I stayed at first of course just so I could feel the "Thomasian Christmas" but I dunno, my friends and I do not find it enjoyable hahaha (sorry paskuhan peeps) Aside from the event being happy and all, people are EVERYWHERE!!! No signal, food stores are full, traffic is EXTREME. And yah, other crappy stuff happens. Last year, I celebrated it with my highschool friends and went crazy. 'Twas so memorable :) As for this year I decided to stay home and celebrate the lame in me. (am I starting to sound bitter? nahhhh hahaha) So yah, nothing much for tonight!

So to all other Thomasians out there who are as lazy and lame as I am, here's another song that I just got into. (I know it's been out too long. Sorry im such a loser. I heard it just now hahaha!)
Cheers to my love, Katy Perry!!!


How is your friday night?
xoxo, Daniela

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Second Family

18 years of existence is never perfect without friends.

Will be blogging about them soon, but lemme give you a sneak peek :)

COF (Circle of Friends)
starring Kaye, Nepy, Jesi, Raine, Wows, Jun, Hanchie, Pajiks, Shane and sometimes, Menard a.k.a Bibi hahaha

these guys made my highschool life memorable, awesome, fun, unique and what else can I say? they are just perfect. no dull moment EVER. 

starring: Jas, Zi, Judy, Gay, Just, Ging (short names huh?) :)

college means another chapter, new start. strangers. but these guys were hell awesome and made me realize how much i've been missing in life! three years of friendship is good enough, but not enough. so watch out world cause we're just warming up! 

please forgive my face

hindi na kami jejemons 

'twas nice meeting you!
  xoxo, Daniela

Just Carry Me Home Tonight

The most perfect song to define friendship! I really got chills while watching this big group number by the New Directions. Highschool and college memories flashed back. Good friends to cherish forever! Big hugs to my COF and lovely bitches :) xoxo Daniela

Weekend Bummer

I always intend to "finish" my duties and responsibilities over the weekend, but as always, being that couch potato that I already am., I ended up doing nothing. I was supposed to finish tons of schoolwork but obviously, as they say... Im too cool for school. Instead, I stared all day all night in front of my lappy, stalked people and did other useless stuff, wasting lots of my precious time. But who's to blame? The cyberworld is SO tempting! But yah, just to at least "accomplish" something, lemme post a few pictures heehee

 saw this Coco Rocha photo and fell inlove :)

Nicki Minaj nails plus the boys #tigerpower

^ now that's something I shoudn't have posted but, I don't care. This is my blog! hahaha. So as you see, I wasted two days of my life. Yay. 

How was your weekend? :)
     xoxo Daniela 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear Santa

15 days 'til christmas...

And I still can't feel it! I am used to seeing christmas decors everywhere, christmas songs playing over and over again, kids caroling at night... but I don't know what just happened. If it's because of the economy still going nowhere, people getting lazy, I don't know. But as the old folks say, christmas isn't about extravagant decors, gifts and material things that make us "happy", It's about the birth of our Lord Jesus. So yeah, stop whining you little girl!

But contrary to what I'm trying to point out (of course I still want something for christmas! hahaha) Here is my wishlist, hoping Santa (a.k.a. my dad) checks everything out!

     Flip Cam 
          Im not really techie or what, all I know is that this baby takes video and nothing else. BUT because you can customize it and transform it from a really plain boring looking cam to a very cute one, I dunno i just want this hahaha. Plus, my ultimate cutie crush, Cory Monteith have this, I must have one as well. check out their website!

     A new phone
          As I said Im not really a techie person, and I always lose my mobile phone so I don't think it's really practical for me to buy another high-end phone and end up losing it anyways. But then again, I just want something for christmas guys!! I've been eyeing on this cute LG phone, I know it's been out for quite some time now, but who cares I really think it's cute! (plus points for its "korean-cuteness" i dunno if you know what Im saying hehehe)

     Dr. Martens
          Hellooo, need I say more?
     BDJ 2012 Planner
          For my planning and organizing needs! And, this all around planner with tons of free coupons  is a must-have, I think? :) check out their site!


These stuff are actually random thoughts because I really don't know what to ask for christmas! Maybe writing this entry helped me think at least a little bit.

What is your christmas wish? 

Almost Merry Christmas! xx

Hello Blogger World

It's 1:21 in the afternoon, but it feels like 5 in the morning. Still in my jammies, nothing to do.

Why not make a blog?

I have been attempting for so many times before, but everytime I make one, just when I am about to finish an entry, my mind goes blank- just blank. Delete. Deactivate account. But this time, I am going to make this work.

Just this one time, work with me you little train of thoughts. So as I welcome myself to this little realm of words and ideas, may we all enjoy this cozy-gloomy weather we have. Happy weekend Philippines! :) xx

warm hugs,