Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kaye's graduation + COF after party

Last April 26, our highschool barkada had another reason to get together and celebrate for two days because of Kaye's graduation! The weather was really annoying that day as it is scorching hot the whole travel to UP Los Baños and then the rain suddenly poured just when we were about to leave the car. We felt bad for the graduates especially the girls who had their hair and makeup done. The graduation was held in an open area by the way. After Kaye's name was called we went straight to the private pool resort for the celebration.We werent complete as the others were too busy with their own business but we had the greatest time as usual. Here are the photos from Raine and Wows! 

We were finally able to take photos when the rain stopped. Look at how muddy my shoes are!

Kaye's "billboard" hahaha

These were supposed to be roses but Raine, Jiks and Zer ended up buying sampaguita from a kid vendor

Everyone barely had any sleep because we were laughing the whole night and  I shared my bed with two other friends! And just when I was able to fall asleep Raine's phone started started playing "all of meeeee, loves all of yoouuuu" and we started laughing because almost all of us were still awake! And that was around 4 or 5 am I think. Ahhhh it was really funny! I can never imagine life without them! That's it for now I guess ;)