Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Diva Moment

Beware: might cause ear abnormalities after watching the video

Be amazed as I launch myself as an official singer ala Anna Kendrick!
I dont accept comments about this video okay? Keep it to yourselves hahahaha

Enjoy! (hahahahhahaha)
xx Daniela

Monday, February 11, 2013

Stupid Cupid

Valentines Day is just around the corner and I know for sure that there are those whos been stressed, pressured and shy even 'cause they don't have a date. But who cares? Dadating din ang knight in shining armor mo. But for the meantime, enjoy being single and read this!

Lemme share a few ideas that just might turn your V-Day better than expected 

1. Ask Ramon Bautista out 
okay this would be a little too hard 'cause we all know how in-demand he is so, erase erase. Read his book instead.

2. Plan a dinner date with friends!!
who needs a lover when you've got the best people in the world

3. Ready your koreanovela, The Notebook-A Walk To Remember-My Sassy Girl-Windstruck-like movies 
release all those stress and emotions and get free kilig moments all at the same time

4. Plan a sleepover with your friends and watch the scariest of the scariest movie you know. 
dont forget to make your friends ask your crush to come as well para magka moment with him pag "scary" part na 

5. Foodtrip
uhhh, do I need to explain?

6. Read a book
okay, I know it's corny but if youre not the book-reading type of person, trust me, a few pages won't hurt. It's a different world out there you know. 

7. Make a bucket list
it's just cool

8. Reconnect with old friends 
who knows, you might find more than what you expected

9. Catch up on your favorite series
these little things we forget, sometimes make a huge difference!

not just to find "the one" but you know, just to have fun and enjoy. 

I don't know if this post even makes sense but I really just think that a few people makes a big deal out of this day when in fact it's just another ordinary day... okay I sound a little bitter there haha but no really, this is for those who think that they're not pretty or good enough. Smile! There's more to life than these little celebrations. Soon enough, you'll get to celebrate as well *wink wink*

Im not an activist or something okay? I just wanna write something haha!! lalala 

Happy Hearts xx

Feed your mind... or not

I love getting lost in my own little world. And I thank God for these awesome writers for letting me have a piece of theirs.

So I decided to share what are my current reads. And just in case you're interested... I'm going to rate these books from 1-5 based on HOW LONG I SURVIVED READING IT WITHOUT SLEEPING hahahaha credibility you say? Here it goes...

PS please dont judge hahahaha

WHY WE BROKE UP by Daniel Handler (4.5)

I heard that the movie is already in the works!


If you're looking for a fresh plot (and by fresh I mean not your typical boy-girl relationship) then go ahead and give yourself a piece of John Green. I know this book is kinda mainstream already but who cares? Though honestly I wasn't as amazed as the majority were. I really dont know why. But Im putting the blame on my friend coz she spoiled the story hahaha


Okay, so as much as I wanted to give all the praises and likes, I really didn't enjoy reading this one, BUT it's NOT because the story's lame it's just that I expected way too much!!! I kept on telling my friend that the intro of the story takes forever. I mean the phasing is so slow, just like that and the story's over! Hahahaha but really, it's all my fault because the book is really just about the "statistical probability of love at first sight" (duh)

A PALE VIEW OF HILLS by Kazuo Ishiguro (3.5)

I actually haven't finished this book yet but I'm almost there. The story is really interesting and kinda creepy. I don't know if it's supposed to be like that but I kinda get scared whenever the kid in this story acts all spooky and stuff hahaha. It's actually a breather from the usual books that I read and like I said, the story really is interesting. Plus the author also wrote the novel turned movie, Never Let Me Go!

I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER by Sophie Kinsella

Now this is my super latest book fave. After hearing it from my friend, I immediately asked for a copy and just like that I fell in love with it! Poppy (the main character) is sooooo funny!!!! I am literally laughing while reading the book. And I always get that creepy look from my sister whenever she catches me doing so. The story evolves around Poppy's misadventures and how it helped her... find true love. Okay so I'm just guessing the last part because I havent finished it yet but I must say, this is pretty good!

I actually wanna share more but I think I'll just make another post for it so I get higher blog hits hahaha kidding I'm just sleepy. So there tell me if I kinda helped you out... or not.

Happy reading!!!
Daniela xx