Sunday, June 23, 2013

Miley: Hotter than Ever

Once again, Miley Cyrus has proven she's Hannah Montana no more with her latest song and music video We Can't Stop. I definitely LOVED everything about the song and the mv! I don't think theres anything wrong with it like what most people are ranting about as if they are saints themselves. We all got different personalities and it's just that Miley's not your ordinary. I adored her ever since but my love for her went up a notch after the hair change thing came up. She's hotter than ever! Plus the fashion sense... it's like a classier Rihanna was born. I can go on and on with my Miley fuss but I'll obviously bore you, so watch her latest music video instead!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Nepy's Despedida aka COF get together

We've all been told that highschool is the best (in all aspects, basta masaya) part of anybody's life. Ate Shawie even made a song about how "saya" highschool life is. And I definitely agree with it! Some people may not, but I do!!!! Highschool is where you start to get "wild" pero hindi pala talaga wild haha you get to experience things na parang youre so free. Feeling cool kidzz pa and all pag senior na hahaha! I'm so blessed and grateful for these people that Ive shared all my highschool experiences with. We've seen each other grow and transform (literally) to what we are today. Some people (unfortunately) aren't blessed with friends whom they can just share anything and everything without getting cheezy, baduy and jej!

COF (Circle of Friends) aka my highschool friends are the set of friends that I treasure the most. As in solb ang araw everytime may overnight dahil wala kaming ginawa kundi mag-laitan, magasaran, i-bully si Hanchie, magpaka sawa sa pictures at kung ano ano pa! Anyway, ang dami ko pang sinabi gusto ko lang naman talaga i-share ang pictures namin last June5 hahaha

Note: Puro muka namin to so choice mong tumuloy hahaha

Naka helmet pa si Hanchie


COF minus Hancher (and bibi and jesi and pajiks)

Happy Fiesta!

With pumpy 

Skype sesh with pajiks

Selfie habang lumalamon sila hahaha

Kaye Nepy Me and Raineeee

Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!

hindi naman obvious na ang oily ng muka ko dito!!!! 

High-fashion pose yan hahaha


OFW of the year hahaha pajiks at Italy

Oopsies another selfie 

Georgina W. and Raine HAHAHAHA mamatay na kumontra. blog ko to

Yay. Bored ka kung umabot ka dito sa dulo dahil napagtiyagaan mo mga muka namin haha. Anyway Nepy is otw to California na :) He's one of my best buds and enemies! Hahahah super bully siya dati anyway, I will miss you super Nepyrot!!! Goodluck and Im looking forward for more bonding sesh with you guys ;) ;)

PS kay Nepy din galing lahat ng pics dito hahahaha


Daniela X

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Little Miss (feeling) French

These past few months I've been busy trying to learn the sossy language that is French. And Im really enjoying it! (Maka explain ako akala mo expert na eh no hahaha!) Mga basic chenes palang ang alam ko, but seriously it feels good na Im learning something new and besides, this might be an advantage someday... oh diba tuhruy! Hahahahaha

Aside from the lesson itself, I realized that I should use other resources to be able to understand the complicated language even more. My cousin (who's in Canada and is fluent in French) told me that watching movies would really help and recommended Les Choristes (The Chorus) and can I just say how AWESOME the movie was?! It's a very simple movie but there's something to it that would make you go awwwww (with matching puppy eyes) so go watch it even though you're not trying to learn the language! Plus look out for Pepinot and my new crush, Morhange! They are cuties! ;)

So anyway, the main purpose why I'm writing this post is because I wanna share another Youtube video with you guys hahaha haba pa ng intro ko no?! It's a French song called Elle Me Dit (She tells me) it's very catchy and the music video is soooo cute!

Ahhh I love everything about this video1 The color, the tone the people hahaha! Chos basta ang cute!

A plus tard,

Daniela X