Thursday, January 24, 2013

One year older

I have never been good with new acquaintances. My rule is to keep quiet, keep my thoughts to myself and look as cool and chill as I can  (though a few people might disagree... I really am like this) but 9 years ago, I met this girl who by the way is the total opposite of me! But I guess opposites do attract. We instantly clicked and became the best of friends. As much as I would love to get into the details, sasabihin nanaman ni Kaye "ano ba yan di maka get over" because most of it would be about our grade six memories which she hates, so I wont hahaha
Kaye's I-hate-my-grade-six-reco-face

Anyway, today's her birthday so this is my obligatory heartfelt effort lalala

PS I did my best to look for our super nene pictures but because friendster is now a gaming site, I cant find any huhuhu 

PPS pls dont comment on how bad I look at these pics hahahahaha 

natatae ata ako diyan 

real life wattpad emoticons

with Jenggoy :-)

overnight at my house!


Happy happy birthday bekis! Alam mo naman na siguro ang wish ko for you since pareho naman tayo ng pangrap in life. At dahil ayaw mo nang nagdadrama ako, I did my best not to (dahil best in drama ako lagi) hahahaha. ILYSM!!!! MWAH  MWAH MWAH 

See you sat! xoxo,

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